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Wearable Wireless Speaker Parso Gives You Sound With Increased Mobility

New in, is the Wearable Wireless Speaker Parso that gives you sound with increased mobility. It’s that kind of a speaker that will provide only sound to you, only you can hear what’s buzzing.

Parso, as named by the Japanese Company AFUR Co. Ltd., is a wireless speaker that need not be even worn by the user. The user can experience hearing from it even though it’s not plugged into their ears. So either you are wearing your helmet whilst riding a bike or you are busy doing something else, you will not miss anything if you simply point Parso at your head. In fact, Parso will let you enjoy a loud and clear sound quality with minimum effort.

Features of Wearable Wireless Speaker Parso

A truly innovative and unique gadget, Parso has two very versatile features.

  • Uses Ultrasonic Waves. This wearable speaker uses ultrasonic waves, unlike the previous speakers where ultrasonic technology could not be employed for various reasons. AFUR Co. Ltd. has been successful in making a commercialized ultrasonic speaker wearable.
  • Increases Mobility. Go out and explore the world, and don’t even bother to plug the wearable in your ears. Still, you will not miss what you wanted to hear. Perform any kind of activities with open ears – eat, type, cycle, or exercise, do whatever you wish, Parso can fulfill your music listening requirements anywhere anytime you need.

Parso device will be available till mid of 2022, manufacturing will take place in limited numbers. It will be priced at around $350, availability and prices are subject to variations though.


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