Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Wearable Walking Coach, RUNAWALK Whips You Into Shape With The Beat

Do all of us not find walking the most boring and unattractive form of exercise? We all have to walk so much during the day that if we start enjoying it and make it exciting for us, it can be our complete workout routine.

Walking at the right tempo can affect your mood, confidence, fitness and well-being.

How about modify our way of walking with some music? But walking at a particular tempo needs just the precise music beats in your ears, which at times becomes a difficult task.

Your solution to the most exciting and wholesome waling workout plan is RUAWALK.

Ruawalk is a simple device built with algorithm to help you select the right music to set your walking pace and reach specific personal goals. It has 7 different workout routines with three intensity levels (ranging from 15 to 30 minutes).

If even has a virtual coach with 58 “pick me ups.” It boosts your morale and uplifts your energy level whenever it senses your cadence is falling off beat. 28 “cadence guides” coaches you through various stages of beats to let you learn when to speed up, slow down and stop. The virtual coaches reward you with points whenever you do an extra mile. You can assess your stats and points post workout to gauge your progress daily.

The device is only a 12 grams circular clip-on one. A fully charged battery can work for up to 3-5 days. It attaches to your shoe and connects to your smartphone through its app.

The idea is undoubtedly an innovative one and has amazing backing at Kickstarter.

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