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Wearable Tech For Weightlifting, PUSH Has Now Been Acquired By WHOOP

New in, is the news that the Wearable Tech For Weightlifting, PUSH has now been acquired by WHOOP. The major tech-based company, Whoop has been in the news recently for its launching of a new fitness tracker along with a complete range of sports garments. Fitness Trackers, Bands, and other such gadgets by Whoop are being recognized worldwide these days because of their superior performance and awesome quality.

On the other hand, a Tronto-based company, Push is well known for manufacturing state-of-the-art strength training wearables. Push has now been acquired by Whoop after the latter raised $200 million to value itself at $3.6 billion.

whoop Push acquisition logo

One of the gadgets by Push is a forearm device with a sensor attached to it. This device is capable of measuring the speed and power metrics of the weightlifter with the help of a connected app. This device has successfully been in use by popular teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Canadian National Volleyball.

The CEO of Whoop, Will Ahmed is really positive about this new acquisition. Since many organizations had been interested in gadgets related to physical fitness, weightlifting, and functional fitness, Will is excited about how the integration of Push’s strength-training technology will allow Whoop to understand how these activities impact the human body. This Wearable Tech For Weightlifting looks like a very promising item, with numerous applications in different types of sports training and practice sessions.


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