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Wearable Sweat Sensor To Analyze The Health Of Sports Players Soon

Our sweat is capable us of telling a lot about our health. From the level of cystic fibrosis to acidity levels and much more, the sweat our body produces is worthy of gauging our health from various point of views. What’s more is that the amount of chemical data found in our sweat can tell us all about what’s happening inside us, without a blood test.

The researchers in the Mechanical Engineering department at Eindhoven UniversityThe Netherlands have created a new sensor that can analyze your sweat to detect acidity levels and saline in your skin. Both the elements are significant in detecting the state of your body and if any disease is present or not.

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The wearable sweat sensor uses the process of osmosis, absorption, in the form of the blueprint which creates new kind of electronics to monitor the bodies of the wearer. With the help of laser manufacturing, the scientists made micro-channels in flexible plastic that allow sweat to flow at a steady rate. The moisture is transported by the capillary-like action of the micro-channels. Scientists say the sensor works like a water pump and needs no external power.

All of the mentioned processes is then integrated to a microchip with electrodes which are inserted into the micro-channels to continuously analyze the sweat passing through the channel. The sweat sensor, in turn, can easily be attached to the skin and will monitor the sweat to detect health-related issues and potential diseases.

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The sweat sensor is in the development phase now. The researchers are aiming to produce this flexible sweat sensor for sports along with an application for analyzing the health of the players and sportsmen who excrete a large amount of sweat every day. The sensor, in turn, will also be used a tool for the medical analysis of sweat.

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