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Four Wearable Smart Sports Bra for female athletes


While chest straps have always been a better way to monitor heart rate and we have seen for many years’ chest straps that one can wear to track their performance however due to the size, comfort and various other reasons, it was not always possible to keep it wearing all the time.

With wearable technology now expanding into garments and clothes, sports bra seems to be an ideal and obvious choice to put a sensor to track the heart rate as it can be positioned exactly where a chest strap usually is placed. What more, these sensors are washable and weight almost nothing making them comfortable and accurate.


1. OMbra by OMsignal

Here we look at three options. First being the OMbra by OMsignal, the first completely smart wearable bra that was announced at CES 2016. 

OmSignal’s was also the first to bring bio-sensor compression shirt kits for men. While the men shirt cost around $275 USD, the smart bra for ladies cost only $169 USD and is available for order now. It captures biometrics data such as distance, heart rate, breathing rate and even understands if you are actually exercising or not. Like any other wearable device, the  data is accessible via a smartphone app allowing them to measure the effects of their training and workouts real-time. You do not need to be connected to a smartphone, the bra can store the data and can be synced at a later time with an iPhone app or using third party apps like Strava, Nike+, MapMyFitness and Runtastic. The battery last for approximately 10 workouts before needing a recharge thus making it way better than any smart watch.

The product is available now and can be purchased directly from OmSignal website



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