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A wearable sleep mask by Neuroon is the best solution for your slumber problems


Sleep has never been an issue for me, but for a majority of the people it has been. Especially, for athletes who work hard and intense proper sleep is really an issue. However, a peaceful night sleep is just a simple sleep mask away. Not your regular Sleep mask, but, the Neuroon is a wearable device that, with the help of a supported app, analyzes your brain waves and sleep patterns.

Neuroon uses a bright light therapy to supposedly help improve sleep quality. Those people who find it difficult to sleep under normal hours, especially athletes with their abnormal routine, can fall asleep or awake during normal hours. The Bright light therapy has really been helpful in this regard. The light is in the mask itself, with different combinations of light coming from the white and colored LEDs inside. The light fell directly onto the body of the wearer at intervals.

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The Neuroon measures the activity of the brain waves, eye movement and body temperature along with user’s pulse and body movement at regular intervals. Depending on the user’s need and situation, the light therapy can be implemented before going to bed to ensure quality sleep, before waking up to provide a less abrupt waking experience, or during the day to either enhance energy or relieve the effects of jet lag. This is why the product is good for those who are in intense sports and are suffering from jet lags due to travelling, all the time.

The Neuroon wearable has a mask, a removable sensor pack, LED lights and electronics encased in the mask and the companion mobile app. When the sleep mask is connected to the app, it generates a sleep analysis, for things like how long it took the user to fall asleep, sleep duration and sleep patterns etc. This data is added to a sleep score that also includes the wearer’s experience while asleep.

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Neuroon app has different modes like Personal Pause for ideal nap time, Sunrise for the  for waking the users up with the proper amount of light, Biorhythm Adjuster for the irregular wake up times and lifestyles often associated with shift work and Jet Lag Blocker for combating the sleep disorders.

The Neuroon sleep mask is available at US$299. All the people who face jetlag, especially athletes, who are tired of their improper routines can benefit from this sleep mask. You can order this mask from here.


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