Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Wearable Sensors From Coollang For Real-time Performance Monitoring

Coollang is the leading enterprise that has dedicated itself to developing sports motion capturing devices. Only last year, Coollang launched sensors to install in tennis and badminton rackets and baseball bats. It is the only enterprise to have 200,000 players using its badminton sensors. Their sensors panned out to be a huge success for performance analysis and monitoring and capturing motion data accurately.

Only recently, Coollang has announced that it will introduce wearable sensors embedded into fitness clothing including sports bra and jogging suits. These performance analysis devices will be developed in collaboration with Koospur. The wearable sensors will be accurate, prompt and will recognize 8 movements in fitness in real-time.

The wearable sensors incorporate the most recent gyroscope, motion-capture and accelerometer technology to gather data regarding motion and speed. The data is transmitted to Coollang’s smartphone app through Bluetooth for interpreting physiological parameters including heart rate monitoring, recognizing motion, detecting different types of exercises and monitoring data of the external environment. The wearable sensors will prove to be very beneficial for improvement of performance of professional as well as amateur athletes.

According to Coollang CEO Brian Song “Whether you play professionally or just for the love of the game, our technology helps you play better and smarter. The intelligent chips we use are integrated into sports equipment, combining it with motion sensor technologies and our altitude algorithms so the data reflects exactly what you are doing using the latest 3D animation. Our analysis is very accurate and makes instant improvement so you reach your full potential.”

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