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Wearable Sales To Reach 5 Million In The UK This Year

Wearable Sales To Reach 5 Million In The UK This Year, Predicts CCS Insight

On this very website, we have told you about the plight of wearable tech and their increasing importance and the estimated monetary value from time to time. However, the trend of this technology is fast increasing and new, different forms are emerging. It is significant to note that the UK is one of the hubs of the fast pace of the growing wearable tech. Almost everyone owns the wearable tech in the UK or is planning to buy one.

The sale of the Smart clothing, Smartwatches, Sports Tracker, Fitness Trackers and VR headsets is fast growing in the UK. The big research firm CCS Insight in its latest Monthly Forecast stated that the wearable sales of UK are expected to hit 5million with about 10 million devices, which will be used by the population before the end of this year. Moreover, the research firm has stated that the number will be tripled in the four years to come with about 33 million units sold breaking the £1 billion barriers by 2020.

Coming to the volume of the sales distribution, fitness trackers are still the biggest entity with about 1.7million devices expected to be sold hit year. However, CCS Insight has stated that, with the new Smartwatches in line from Apple the worth of the category would shoot to about £300 million in 2016.

CCS Insight analyst, George Jijiashvili, stated that;

Advances in design and affordability mean that this year wearables have become devices that ordinary people actually want to wear. Consumers in the UK have adopted wearable technology enthusiastically, particularly fitness trackers, which are becoming an increasingly commonplace accessory on people’s wrists.

Apart from the wrist-based wearables, VR and AR are also expected to play a big part in the ever-increasing sales. CCS Insight has stated that about 800,000 VR headsets will be sold in the UK this year. Among these, those headsets which are based on Smartphones will be sold the most.

Lastly, the wearable cameras are also trying to make their mark in the tech world. As for the statistics on paper by CCS Insight, the research firm expects that 1.4 million units will be sold till 2020. What’s more is that CCS has predicted that about 13% of the sold units will be cellular enabled prompting mobile network operators bought through subscription data services.

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