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Wearable ‘Safe Zone’ Smart Tags by Kinexon ensure proper Distancing & Contact Tracing

New wearable ‘Safe Zone’ Smart Tags by Kinexon ensure proper Distancing & Contact Tracing. Kinexon, the company behind player tracking technology, has now come up with a ‘Safe Zone’ system to ensure social distancing rule is being followed in days of this COVD-19 pandemic.


Instead of GPS, they utilise Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology to enable real time localisation. Sensors worn by athletes or integrated within a ball or puck can be tracked with much accuracy. Other than this, data related to position of player, speed, jump style etc could be analysed with much ease. This system also provided for special tactics that ensured a 2D visualisation of on-field movements of players. That made prediction of game patterns better.

Due to this ongoing pandemic, Kinexon has now altered their system a little bit. They have a SafeZone system that ensures people stay away from each other at a specific distance. Also, it keeps track of all ‘contacts’ that are within at least a 5 feet of each other. This technique is now being implemented in NBA and NFL to keep people safe.

The Wearable ‘Safe Zone’ Smart Tags by Kinexon works on the same RF technology that was used in sports. It is very much accurate. The tag automatically alerts if a player is too close to another player for a longer time than need be. Hence, it has been an ideal way to ensure safety on the fields and stadiums for players and athletes around the world.


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