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Wearable Sacral Sensor by RunScribe will help achieve better running!

Wearable Sacral Sensor by RunScribe will help achieve better running! Especially designed for athletes and sportspeople, these sacral sensors will enable them to improve their racing skills and achieve performance goals.

Eliud Kipchoge with RunScribe shoe pods

Known for its efforts for Runners, the startup company RunScribe wanted to focus on creating something that would further enable athletes to run in a better form without injuries. Train longer and better and achieve better performance in the long term.

Initially, it had come up with two shoe pod sensors which could be mounted on athletes shoes while they are practicing. They were secured by means of shoelaces.



These two shoe pod sensors were capable of collecting 3D motion data of a runner’s feet during a run. The corresponding app makes an analysis of the data and provides information against some metrics regarding the performance of the athlete. Whether he could have performed better.


Recently, RunScribe has come up with an additional Sacral sensor that is acpable of capturing data from the runners’ lower back area.  They claim to make it a comprehensive running wearable. The Wearable Sacral Sensor by RunScribe looks similar to the pods and can be tied to the runners belt along the waist.



Designers believe this three pod system will help enable a more accurate data analysis, as more data can be received from the hip-pelvic area. More comprehensive assessment of the runner’s performance could be done and any movement dysfunction could be identified.

These sacral sensors as well as the previous shoe sensors can all be purchased from the official website of RunScribe.


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