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Wearable E Skin Shirts Launched by a Japanese Startup Xenoma

Xenoma is an ergonomic company which intends to bring human friendly technology that can assist in different facets of life for example; fitness, gaming and healthcare.

Xenoma is a spinoff of University of Tokyo and it aims to utilize infrastructure and academic analysis into creating wearable technology that can help optimize human performance.

Recently, Xenoma has launched a wearable “e skin” that will revolutionize wearable automated clothing.

This smart “shirt” can monitor movement, breathing patterns, pressure, body temperatures and other vitals. It can help track motions and gestures that will help athletes assess their form and improve their gameplay.

For example, golf players can use it to assess their game form, their swing and stance. It can also give feedback on their performance which can help them identify if they have a reverse pivot or lateral sway etc.

This e skin is made up of 14 pressure sensors that are strategically placed to even detect the slightest of movement in the wearer like bending or movement of joints and are hidden in the fabric so it can be worn as a regular shirt.

There is e skin “hub” placed in the center of the chest which conveys this data to a computer device via a 4.2 Bluetooth. The shirt is made up of printed circuit fabric, another creation of Xenoma, integrated into normal textiles thus providing durability and stretch and also making it machine washable.

The “hub” has a 60 frames per second frame rate with a 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyro sensors and a 4 hour battery time which is easily rechargeable via a micro USB port. An e-skin developer kit is available from 1st February, 2017, at $5000/ set which supports app developments on Windows and Android. A cheaper consumer version will be made available later in this year.

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