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Wave By iHealth: An Activity Cum Swimming Wearable


Health, a California-based company is famous for its work in the field of health and fitness. However, iHealth’s latest swimming platform called as Wave is the tech for swimmers. Wave is the swimming tracker aimed to make the life in pool easier than before: it also works as an activity tracker.

Wave is the water-resistant silicon wristband which also doubles as the pocket tracker when not in a pool. If you wear the device throughout the day, it will track your basic activities like steps, distance traveled and calories burned etc. It will also track your sleep during the night. The wearable will also wake you up in the morning with a vibrating alarm and will buckle you up for another energy filled day.

Wave By iHealth; An Activity Cum Swimming Tracker

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The fun part of Wave lies in its capabilities inside the pool. The wearable can survive up to 30 meters depth and can also work well in the salt water. The connected app can also track the length of the pool and can also track during open water swimming.

There are three different types of swimming metrics which Wave detects. The device is capable of detecting three unique swimming styles: freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke, as well as the duration of your swim session, the number of movements, movements per minute and calories burned.

Wave By iHealth; An Activity Cum Swimming Tracker

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With the help of OLED screen, the users can view their result live from the wrist instantly. Just with the single flick of your wrist, the display can be switched on as well as the other actions can be performed too. This is convenient because the users can easily use this method to switch their screen when in the pool.

After users are done with swimming and want to peek at their stats, all the data can be synchronized with the iHealth MyVitals app on iOS and Android. The Wave’s app shoCws all the data in the form of graphs and saves the history so it can be used for future references.

Wave By iHealth; An Activity Cum Swimming Tracker

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Other than activity and swimming tracking, the best part of Wave is that it also tracks your workouts. It means that swimming athletes won’t have to buy another wearable to track their workout and bodybuilding routine, their swimming wearable will also cover it for them.

As claimed by iHealth, Wave can work up to 7 days on a single charge and if used for swimming it can work for 5 days. The wearable will set you $80 back and has four different colors. It can be ordered from here.


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