Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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WatchOS 7 update keeps rebooting Apple Watch Series 3

Owners of Apple Watch Series 3 faced trouble updating to WatchOS 7 as the upgrade brought with itself troubles of recurring malicious rebooting of the device. A huge number of users were not satisfied with the update and called it buggy and faulty. The problem of randomly rebooting the device was the biggest concern of the users.

Users took to social media to discuss the issue and find out whether others were facing similar kind of problems as well. Threads were opened up on Reddit as users complained to have their Series 3 Apple Watch experiencing rebooting multiple times randomly throughout the day.

“It seems to trigger when I leave a WiFi network (like when I go to grab the mail across the street for example). But it doesn’t always happen. Really frustrating.” One user stated.

“Me same…. exiting from home with my car and s3 always reboots when wifi signal is lost.” Another user complained.

Some users even reported that their Series 3 Apple Watch froze completely at random times and only way to get out of it was to reboot your device by holding down both physical buttons for up to 10 seconds. This force restart can understandably be very frustrating, specially if you have to do this multiple times a day.

There were also reports of other issues as well including people complaining over watch faces not loading complications and unprompted disconnection from smartphones. Another general observation from users that this new update was draining the battery faster as well.

There were not many fixes available to the problem and only way to avoid it was to not update the firmware on your Apple Watch Series 3 and wait for the more stable version of the WatchOS 7 to be released with all these bugs fixed and issues taken care of. Update 7.0.1 did not resolve much of these issues either.

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