Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Watch GT Introduced to Saudi Customers by Huawei

Hwawei has introduced its WATCH GT to the market in Saudi Arabia. Watch GT has a very typical watch form and structure and a huge battery life.

Watch GT works with ultrahigh or low band frequencies to keep track of the heartbeat of its user even while the user is asleep. This method has intrigued a lot of experts for its rather unconventional working principals. Watch GT also comes with improved and enhanced performance along with some new and updated features, all of that brought together in an elegant design.

It has an AMOLED display with 1.39 inches screen and high-resolution output to show off the data in a clean way to the user. A bezel of ceramic and stainless steel incorporated with the carbon coating of DLC diamond gives this watch great durability. Whole body is compact and elegant looking, supporting two kinds of bands. You can either have it with a band of leather-rubber or a silicon band. These options make the watch more customizable to fit the taste of the user.

Battery management of this watch is also another of its features to look out for.  With its state-of-the-art algorithm of power-saving which lets the watch to transition between efficiency and performance modes. This algorithm depends entirely on the activity of the consumer and gives the watch a healthy battery performance. Watch GT can keep sailing smooth for up to two weeks.

On top of that, this watch also has one of the best positioning and location capabilities. It carries support for three different satellite systems calibrates them for its highly efficient location services. An effective algorithm designed for the purpose of tracking then narrows down the data and provides a highly precise positioning in even some of the unlikeliest of places.

This wearable watch, Watch GT, from Huawei is available all-over Saudi wearables market with its two variants. The first variant comes with a black strap made of silicon. There is also a version with a strap of leather-rubber in brown which costs around 799 Saudi Riyals.

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