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Walking reduced Blood Pressure, A new study reveals

A new research done with the help of Apple Watches has concluded that more walks and strolls might help in reducing blood pressure related problems significantly.

Many studies and researches are using data collected through Apple watches to s learn about different medical conditions. Apple watch is, without any doubt, one of the popular smartwatches available in the market right now. Millions of people are wearing it daily and the data collected by them is proving to be beneficial for many studies. Many medical researchers have already started to make use of this previous and valuable information.

Framingham Heart Study oversaw a one of these researches. It is focused on studying problems related to cardiovascular systems since 1948 and over last seven decades they have made considerable researches and discoveries related to cardio vascular diseases.

“I do want to stress that these analyses do not establish causality or directionality of the association in any way.” stated author Mayank Sardana, “So we cannot say that a lower step count led to higher blood pressure based on this study because ours was a cross-sectional analysis.” Mayank Sardana is from University of California. He said it in an interview for TCTMD, a cardiology journal.

Around 638 people wore an Apple Watch for at least 5 hours every day for this study. Their blood pressure readings were also taken at least one time in a week.  This study spanned over 6 months and participants wore the smartwatch for an average of 14 hours in a day and walked more than 7000 steps.

“This study solidifies our understanding of the relationship between physical activity and blood pressure and raises the possibility that obesity or body mass index accounts for a lot of that relationship,” Sardana added. “Going forward, it would be useful to look at how smart devices might be leveraged to promote physical activity, reduce the burden of obesity and potentially reduce blood pressure”.

According to the result, every 1000 additional steps lowered the systolic blood pressure by 0.45 points. Men had a larger proportion (0.62) as compared to women (0.36) for this. This means 5000+ steps walk in a day can prove to be highly beneficial.

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