Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Wahoo Officially Launches TICKR X and TICKR

Wahoo has officially unveiled its Wahoo TICKR X and Wahoo Tickr earlier this month. Both products come with readjustments, upgrades and completely new features. Both these products have went through a redesign which has lead them to having a streamlined appearance and an overall elegant design. As claimed by Wahoo, there is no chest strap lighter than these in the market right now. This smart fitness strap has an overall weight of 48 grams including the weight of the strap along with the pod.

The pod is much slimmer now and it is equipped with LED lights mounted on the top which makes them easy to see. An effortless downward glance towards the chest can notify the wearer about the status and connectivity of this chest strap. This redesign sits over the chest much more naturally now with stays more secure at all times in all kinds of work outs.

Other than this, this chest strap can also be paired with more than one devices simultaneously via ANT+ and Bluetooth connection. This chest strap can last for as long as 500 hours after charging the battery just once. This is almost more efficient 50% improved than before. TICKR X also provides running dynamics at real time. Wahoo Calls is another feature which takes down score for Running Smoothness in order to improve the wearer’s running form.

“We’ve revamped the TICKR and TICKR X to give users class-leading functionality in a design that’s effortless to use and very comfortable to wear,” ​said Katie DuPree​. “TICKR and TICKR X redefine what you expect from a heart rate monitor by offering unmatched power, comfort, and convenience whether you’re on a quick lunch ride or running a marathon.” Katie is the Product Manager at Wahoo.

Both, TICKR X and TICKR are up for grabs on official Wahoo website. TICKR costs $49.99 only while TICKR X is a little more pricier at $79.99.


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