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Vuzix, OnCore Partner to Create New AR Smart Glasses for Golfers

Vuzix, an entrepreneurial venture into augmented reality, is set to bring out a new brace of smart spectacles that aims to provide golfers of all class real-time instructional assessment. The project is in correlation to Vuzix’s collaboration with OnCore Golf.
OnCore is celebrated, in particular, for introducing highly efficient golf balls. Partnering with Vuzix will help create an augmented reality golfing encounter through Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses and using an outside source for ball launch system at driving ranges and practice facilities which will be set in motion at the start of the following year as been told by a Vuzix press release.
OnCore is intending to release its smart GENiUS ball by the middle of 2019. Coupled with Vuzix’s smart glasses, it is believed to provide tangible AR tracking and evaluation software that would be able to use on the golf course. The glasses benefits the golfers in a way that they will be able to use instructions derived directly from researched data and caddying counsel from both artificial intelligence and real life skilled golf guide. The GENiUS ball is very similar to other golf balls in terms of looks and feel except that it has a GPS location and sensor technology.
The President and CEO of Vuzix, Paul Travers, in a press release said, “Coupled with an appropriate golf ball launch system, wearers can see their flight statistics in real time.” “Connecting the digital world to the real world through the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses allows wearers to keep their phone in their pocket and eye on the ball while offering an opportunity to improve their golf handicap or just simply have a lot fun while trying,” he added further.
Another valuable aspect of this partnership is that both the companies will be joining forces with Spot Golf to take Vuzix’s tech savvy glasses to centers pertaining to golf entertainment in the suburban areas. In the next few years a number of facilities are expected to be built in those areas.
SportsTechie Takeaway
Augmented reality is not only altering the manner with which the golfers take down the course but also influencing the way with which fans watch golf. The launch of a bona fide live AR mobile application last May by the PGA tour has enabled fans to engage with 3D feature holes and llive 3D shot trails on any one-dimensional surface present before them.

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