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Vuzix Blade: Best AR Glasses 2020

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The Vuzix Blade smartglasses are being considered as one of the best AR Glasses of 2020. Smartglasses are a major breakthrough in technology that have already entered into our everyday life.

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Some smartglasses look like a robotic pair – their design looks as if they are made specifically for that purpose. On the other hand, the Vuzix Blade is a smart pair of glasses with a natural and chic look.









The Vuzix Blade AR or Augmented Reality smartglasses have the capability to overlap the real world display with the virtual information. With a smooth navigation, the user can visualise screens and features with full on notifications. With its waveguide technology feature, it projects a full colour HD display over the lens.

Infact, these AR glasses are very adaptable. The user has a choice between hands free voice control or touch screen navigation. More or less like the first generation smartphones, these AR glasses has access to the  Vuzix App store. This store has some very high profile apps like Netflix, Zoom, Amazon, Alexa and of the likes. Besides these, there are many other apps for music control, image viewing etc.


There’s also an 8-megapixel camera. The camera quality is good, photos taken are of superior quality. With a 4GB of memory storage limit, the user is free to store photos as much required. Moreover, there’s enhanced battery life with a continuous use of four hours.

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Priced quite heavily at $1000, the Vuzix Blade has gained the reputation of being one of the best AR Glasses 2020. Its actually very close to what the best can be!


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