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Volt Athletics adds three new features to its training app!

Volt Athletics‘s after the successful release of it’s intelligent fitness training app back in May 2016, has now released a major update to the app. Based on the user feedback, they have added readiness questionnaire, workout summary and rest-timer.


Using Readiness questionnaire, the user can answer basic questions about current stress level and sleep quality to help. This allows the system to understand the impact of these factors on your training and provide athletes with better data.

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Automatic Rest timer is now part of the app so athletes no longer have to time their rest instead the application helps you rest between exercises.


Workout summary visualizes your training pattern to help you understand the data easily. The metrics now includes breakdown of the movements performed, total sets completed, total tonnage lifted, and a summary of your readiness questionnaire.

Just to remind everyone about the app, athletes can choose from over 40 sports, including golf, tennis, running, and triathlon. Volt offers a free 7-day trial via their website and a monthly subscription for $29/month. For more information about Volt or to register for your own free trial, visit here

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