Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Volt Athletics Announces New Funds to Develop Its Patented Intelligent Training App

Volt Athletics Inc. (Volt) has announced to engage another $770,000, raising its total fund to $3 million.

Volt is the leading provider of technology solutions for sport performance training. Volt believes in incorporating technological advancements to enhance the overall performance of athletes and facilitate their training programs.

The Seattle based startup has pledged to employ this fresh investment in developing strategic relationships and adapting new technologies. One of its essential aims is to develop a patented intelligent training app of its own.  This strength and conditioning app of Volt Inc. will provide customizable training and conditioning plans for athletes. It will prescribe customized workout plans based on the targets of the athlete. The vision behind this app development it to employ the smartphone to bolster young professional as well as amateur athletes by furnishing them with individualized plans for strengthening and conditioning.

Volt employs technology to let its consumers have access to numerous individualized workout plans. The company stands out from its market competitors as it focuses on innovative training programs and guidance of the experts instead of the usual tracking metrics as many other companies provide.

Initially, Volt was created for amateur athletes and sport buffs such as high school and college students who couldn’t afford real-time athletic trainer. However, in the last 5-years this startup has also attracted some huge names such as U.S. National Football Team, University of Michigan, University of Nebraska, and the Red Bull Crashed Ice Team USA.

With around 3,000 employees and 60,000 consumers, Volt is settling in the market sleekly. The new advancements will not only strengthen the company but will also contribute immensely to the performance of young athletes globally.

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