Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Voke VR and Intel Brings Immersive Tech To Life Events

VOKE VR is a virtual reality startup developed by former Washington State University professors Jay and Uma Jayaram. The pair of mechanical engineers formed a VRCIM back in 1993 with the help of a board member who saw their working prototype of the technology.

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They have come a long way in the development of Voke VR. The project was initially funded by PACCAR manufacturers of medium to heavy duty trucks. Presiding in the Silicon Valley, Uma and Jay’s invention is now under the license of Intel as they got the funding from Intel Capital, an Intel’s investment firm after proving their technology’s worth. Currently, the tech based company is collaborating with Intel to create immersive tech for live events.

Voke VR comes with a panoramic view which allows viewers to get hands on experience of a live game, shows, concerts etc. It has panoramic cameras at its disposal which allows the viewers to have an HD experience without any distortion.

We have already seen Intel collaborating with NFL games and ICC Champions Trophy to boost its VR and tech business in the world of sports. Intel will also be bringing Voke VR technology to Oculus Rift later this year, “making the company one of the first to enable live sporting events on multiple VR devices.”

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