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VOIXATCH: A Smartwatch That Turns Into a Headset


Jason Oh invented this smartwatch after coming up with its idea while recovering from an injury he picked up at Judo. He was seeking a more appropriate and convenient manner of staying keeping in touch with the world. This device serves the purpose very appropriately when you are trying to make a call during a work out. It also eliminates the need of a smartphone as well.

This smartwatch is like any other smartwatch with cellular connectivity. It can make calls and do other task you would expect a cellular smartwatch to do. What makes this smartwatch unique is that it has bezels which can turned into Bluetooth 5.0 headsets once removed from the smartwatch.

Putting this bezel back on to the smartwatch would make it to recharge. A counter-clockwise twist of this bezel followed by lifting it off the smartwatch answers the incoming calls. The simplicity in the design and function of this smartwatch gives it a very unique user experience. Protrusions shaped like wings are designed specially to keep the headset from falling down and prevents you from losing them easily.

Except from this, other features are very standard and something you would expect in any smartwatch of modern day. It has an AMOLED touch screen display with high quality 360×360 pixels resolution. Fitness statistics, Messages, Google Voice communication and other features can be accessed very easily through this screen.

Thickness of 15 millimetres and dial size of 49x49mm makes one of the largest smartwatches in market right now. But this huge size is to keep a 530mAH battery that stay up for at least 2 days after a full charge. Apart from this it also has 1GB RAM, storage space of 8 GB, heart rate monitor and Gyro. The battery life is also impressive as this smartwatch also has built-in GPS connectivity.