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Is Virtual Reality the Future of Sports? Intel Answers The Question

Virtual Reality (VR) is seen as the new cutting edge invention in the field of technology. People have been wondering about the extent to which this new tech can change the way they lead their lives.

Intel, the world’s biggest computer chip company, seems to offer an answer. At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, demonstrated how virtual reality can be incorporated in our day to day lives to provide a larger than life experience.

At the firm’s press event at CES 2017, chip giant distributed around 260 VR units to all the reporters present at the event, to show how VR could create the ultimate viewing experience by merging the digital and the real world. A Butler University vs Villonova University basketball game in Indianapolis was live streamed via VR. Each individual had an option to view the game either courtside or center court with a peripheral score display. All this from the comfort of the hotel’s conference room! They were able to view the game from 360 degrees at different camera angles, like a spectator present at the sports arena.

Intel’s 360 Replay provides view angles that would have been impossible to achieve in the real world. It provides fans the opportunity to pick their seats even if they can’t physically attend the game. Thus, it increases the chances of generating revenue by selling both real and virtual tickets.

According to Krzanich, the goal is to take the audience to any sports and pick whatever seat they want through their VR headsets from the comforts of their home.

Krzanich believes that in a few years his firm would be able to digitalize the way sports is viewed, giving fans the chance to go to games that they never thought was possible to attend before VR.

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