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Virtual Reality E-Sports Competitive Challenge by Intel, Oculus and ESL Collaboration


Presented by Intel, Oculus and ESL, the VR Challenge League is the first of its kind. Offering online and offline competitions, it will encompass the communities of European and North American continents.

Offering a mammoth $200,000 prize money, the league offers its games “The Unspoken” by Insomniac Games and “Echo Arena” by Ready At Dawn Studios.

The Unspoken will lead its players into a land of wizardry and spell-casing where they will be up against opposing conjurers in one-on-one duels.

Echo Arena, set in outer space is a multiplayer title, by Ready at Dawn Studios. It has been made available to all Oculus Rift owners as a free download since the 20th of July.

Spots open for a series of qualifiers that will advance to regional finals at:

Oculus Connect, October 11 – 12: North American Regional event in North America. 4 teams on site and 4 teams that have qualified will compete for points, and the chance to qualify for the Grand Finals.

ESL One Hamburg, October 28 – 29: The league will make a stop at the biggest Dota 2 festival in Europe to see who is a champion at Echo Arena. Team here will compete for prizing, points, and bragging rights.

IEM Oakland, November 18 – 19: Returning to the west coast, to witness 8 of the best VR players of North America compete and qualify for the Grand Finale.

DreamHack Winter, November 30 – December 3: The event for the European region for The Unspoken terminates in Jonkoping Sweden to decide who in Europe has the flair to go the mile in the VRCL.

Each of these events will see the top 3 contenders bag a share of the $200,000 prize.

The participants will then proceed into the final event in Katowice, Poland, in 2018. The final event “Intel Extreme Masters” is where this VR league will collide with the world’s premiere gaming event.