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Virtuagym raises €2.3 million for developing fitness apps


Virtuagym, a Dutch startup, is a company which makes fitness apps. The apps serve the purpose of wellbeing and ultimate health guarantee for customers and fitness experts. The fitness app developers just succeeded to raise €2.3 million in a brand new funding.

Although the funding is being called modest, but all the money has directly been donated by Saffelberg Investments. It is a Private Belgian investment firm. The company has its own headquarters and offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

The new monetary fund is supposed to be invested in speeding up the process of developing international fitness related apps. The amount will also be used to develop new products and exclusive services for clients. Different new ideas which can be a part of this money-spending venture can include; gyms, trainers and corporate health services.

As per Virtuagym, nearly 7 million users are benefiting from its cloud-based software and applications. And about 1,800 businesses are being run upon its products too. The apps by the company are both available for Android and iOS users. They include different ways to track calories. Customized workout plans, losing or gaining weight, nutrition plans and to communicate with other people using the same app via the people finding option. Virtuagym’s app also has personal trainers that demonstrate every exercise clearly and separately.

An inside look in to Virtuagym's personal fitness app!
An inside look in to Virtuagym’s personal fitness app!

The company in its blog said that Saffelberg Investments was intrigued by the idea that Virtuagym provides SaaS solution which merges both professional and user services on a single platform and a sole place. Since, the startup has already proven to be of wide value around, Europe, the debut in different areas of the world with different new apps and functions will make this company a grand success.

Virtuagym’s strategy of Business to Business and Business to Customer approach has made this possible; to achieve a milestone investment from a renowned investment firm. The company has also launched some famous apps like Virtuagym Food, which competes with MyFitnessPal, as well as developing an all-in-one cloud-based solution for fitness providers, including tools for booking, billing and member management too.

The CEO of Virtuagym, Hugo Braam expressed his objectives that his venture is entire aimed to makes the lives of people healthy and active through the way of new technology. Also, with providing smart feedback the lives of normal people will be easier as well as it will be convenient for health and fitness professionals to use the attested technology in their businesses.

While describing his recent success and the ability of the company to utilize the recent fund when compared to its competitors the CEO said;

“What sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer everything in one platform: so not “just” nutrition tracking, but a very solid exercise coaching system as well. And of course the fact that we serve both consumers and professionals. That may seem a bit of an ambiguous approach, but in fact I see it as a key part of our strategy and success.”

Virtuagym has strong chances of setting electronic health record of the fitness industry and they are working very hard to make it a reality. Already, the firm has partnered with big industry names like Life Fitness, Matrix and Keiser to make this a reality.

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