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VERT Partners With Nfinity To Develop Exclusive Cheerleading Analytics

Wearable athletic tech company partners with leading athletic footwear and apparel brand to revolutionize training in the sport of cheerleading using New G-Vert Intensity Measurement Tech..

 VERT Partners With Nfinity To Develop Exclusive Cheerleading Analytics

VERT has been a shining name in the wearable tech for some time now. From VERT’s first jump monitor ever to its inclusion in NBA for Miami Heat as a player tracking technology and finally to its debut with Sioux falls sky force match-up, VERT has been the most talked about name in the athletic wearable world.

In its strive to furnish more into the tech world, this time, the company is partnering with Nfinity Athletic. Nfinity Athletic Corporation is an Atlanta-based company, specializing in the unique biomechanical needs of the female athletes to enhance their athletic performance.

To those who don’t know, Nfinity Athletic is a high-performance cheerleading brand. The partnership aims to develop a new cheerleading analytics platform with the help of G-VERT™ intensity measurement tech. The companies aim to provide the analytics to the users and various clubs along with a social “cheer” app for fan and athlete engagement. What’s more is that both VERT and Nfinity Athletic are intending to develop specific cheerleading-related measurements to help improve athlete performance.

Martin Matak, founder, and president of VERT in a press release stated that;

We are thrilled to align ourselves with the most prominent brand in cheerleading. A large part of cheerleading is gymnastics-like tumbling, jumps and stunts.  To this, VERT has added the ability to measure their athleticism with real-time measurements.

With the official launch of G-VERT™ in summer 2016, Nfinity athletes will have the ability to use the non-invasive and discrete inertial measurement unit (IMU) to track numerous athletic measurements. These specific measurements include the peak acceleration of every movement, measured in G-forces, providing real-time exertion and stress data.

The G-VERT™ technology will combine existing jump measurement technology with new G-force measurements including total Gs, high and low-intensity count, surges per minute, high peak acceleration (Gs), and average peak acceleration (Gs).

VERT Partners With Nfinity To Develop Exclusive Cheerleading Analytics

The newfound partnership will give athletes a chance to use the intensity measurement device in conjunction with the uncompromising performance, style, and comfortable product innovations. Both the companies are known for their promising quality and tireless, real-time data.

Tate Chalk of Nfinity Athletic in a press release stated;

This partnership opens a new door within the world of competitive cheerleading and wearable tech. Through this partnership with VERT, Nfinity®’s brand will continue to strengthen its position as the High-Performance Cheerleading Brand™.  Nfinity will bring VERT® to market through all of its B2B and B2C channels worldwide beginning fall of 2016

Nfinity strives to address the unique bio mechanical needs of the female athlete to enhance athletic performance and as a result, help reduces the risk of injury, a mission that aligns perfectly with VERT’s own mission. It remains to be seen how this pristine and an unknown idea will help the athletes in player tracking and sports analytic.

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