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Verizon has launched a Smartwatch for Aged and Seniors

Verizon has launched a smartwatch that has features focusing mainly on the old aged people. This smartwatch has functionalities like location sharing, emergency calling contacts, many methods to stay connected and more.

Smart fitness centric wrist bands  and smartwatches have become very popular and useful these days. Not a lot of these, however, are designed specifically for the seniors and elderly. This specific group of people has its own particular set of needs and necessities and thus launching a smartwatch which caters to these needs makes it very obvious. This huge demographic has a potential for a massive market which has not be touched much so far.

Verizon has entered this market with the launch of its very own Care Smart watch. This smartwatch is developed to maintain the connection between the elderly and the people who care for them. This smartwatch features network connectivity of 4G LTE by Verizon. It also has a special phone number for text messages and voice call communications.

Contacts can be accessed by 3-touch navigation and a huge screen with simplistic and clear display makes it easier for the users to make calls or send any text messages.

“We understand the need to stay connected, especially during these difficult times when so many people are separated from their elderly loved ones,” stated Brian Higgins. “The Care Smart watch gives our customers a safe and simple way to communicate with grandparents, parents and other loved ones. At a time when staying away from senior family members is the responsible choice, technology can keep us connected and offer insights into loved ones health and activities for peace of mind.” Brian is the Senior Vice President at Verizon for Device and Consumer Product Marketing.

This smartwatch can save as many as 10 contacts which also includes an emergency contact. Emergency contact call can be made simply by pressing down the dedicated button for 4 seconds. Verizon Care Smart is available for purchase on Verizon’s official website for $149.99 only.

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