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Upright Is A Vibrating Reminder Of Your Bad Posture!

Sometimes you need to stand to improve your posture. No matter you were sitting properly or lying in a comfortable position, sometimes your posture is not right and you need to improve it. This is where Upright Posture Wearable helps you. Upright wearable is your personal reminder that you need to sit up straight, stand straight, and improve your habits. Thus, in return strengthening you spine overtime.

Those who spend long time in front of computers and laptops are in high risk of painful muscle spasms and tightening. Due to the bad posture, the imbalance of muscles can lead to extreme amount of discomfort and pain. Upright is trying to overcome this issue in a form of molded plastic device that delivers gentle vibrations to your lower back, reminding you periodically to sit up straight.

Upright Is A Vibrating Reminder Of Your Bad Posture!

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Upright is very small and the vibrations are little giddy waves. It can easily fit into your palm and attaches to your lower back without any discomfort. The wearable is affixed with the help of hypoallergenic, removable, and interchangeable medical-grade adhesives. There are 60 stickers with the pack and it is recommended that you should change them regularly.

As for the effective working, Upright cues vibrations to the wearers whenever the posture is incorrect. For good posture results, the users have to wear the device for about 15 minutes to an hour per day. Upright is also Bluetooth enabled and comes with a USB docking station so that data recorded by the device’s sensors can sync with Upright’s smart learning algorithm and tracking app.

Upright Is A Vibrating Reminder Of Your Bad Posture!

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You can also use the posture trainer without the app. The wearer will still receive mild vibrations when it is the time to sit straight and to change the posture. The app also provides you with different training programs to improve the spinal strength and to encourage better postural habits. The recommendations are made on the basis of data collected with the help of sensors. The posture of the wearers improve through step-by-step program, keep in mind that wearing up to 60 minutes is necessary.

Upright Posture Trainer is available for $129.95 from the company’s official website and Amazon. The device comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 90-day warranty, and free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. The money-back guarantee and all the other privileges is what make Upright an Upright choice. Nonetheless, this posture trainer is one of those devices which make us thank God for the invention of the wearable tech!

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