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UPRIGHT GO For Maintaining Upper Back Posture

Have you also been experiencing chronic neck and back pain due to your constant habit of slouching while sitting? Whether you are at home, studying or at workplace, you now have your ultimate solution to avoid slouching.

Known as the Upright Go, Upright’s new product is still in the crowdfunding phase. We have already witnessed the success of the company’s first generation posture device. This second generation is coming with a few necessary features updated.

As the name – Upright Go – suggests, this posture corrector will provide you feedback on your posture even when you’re on the go. You can go walk, move, run, drive, sit and stand with the device on. If you remember the previous generation was only for stationary use on the lower back.

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The second-generation model will attach to the spine to help you upper back muscles strengthen. It will subsequently help in solving issues with upper back posture and neck and shoulder pain due to continuous inappropriate posture.

According to Cid Carver, Upright’s Marketing Manager, “More people have text-neck and screen-slouch, and in our busy, fast-paced lives, we wanted it to be worn all day. When walking or standing, people tend to slouch from their upper back or neck, [so] that’s where we decided to put the energy and focus.”

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The second gen device Upright Go comes in a more compact design. It is lighter and smaller with over two inches tall and weighs 12 grams. It has a hypoallergenic, double-sided sticker which can be reused 15-20 times. The device comes with 5 such stickers; so they will for 3 or more months.

Upright Go comes with a software that is more efficient, faster and simpler. The software only needs you to tap the button twice to indicate your slouched position. Then, the Upright Go will vibrate once more, asking for your upright position. Once these two steps are complete, you can start training. Upright Go comes with a tracking mode for the users to passively monitor their posture throughout the day without receiving real-time feedback.

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Wearing the device reveals another noticeable difference between the two models. Unlike the original Upright — which has a single-use sticker on one side and Velcro on the other — Carver said the Upright Go features

According to Caver, the company will be launching a new smartphone app too. It will complement the new features of Upright Go and will track your progress and offer customizable training programs.

According to its Kickstarter page, Upright Go is available for as low as $59 with the Early Bird Special. This price is 40% less than the device’s retail price of $99. The company plans to start shipping in June.

According to Oded Cohen, founder and CEO of Upright Technologies, “Poor posture looks bad, and can lead to decreased confidence and back pain.”

Cohen adds, “Everybody talks about problems related to poor posture, but little is done to improve the situation. This is where we can help. By training for less than one hour a day, the body, muscles, and mind form an intuitive habit of sitting and standing after only 2-3 weeks.”

Says Cohen: “Improved posture can result in more focus and productivity at work.”

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