Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Upcoming Galaxy Watch by Samsung Gets another Certification

Samsung Galaxy Watch is getting a successor according to various rumours and it doesn’t end there as leaks have also been suggesting what we could expect to see in this upcoming device.

Samsung is expected to launch Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 soon as it managed to get another certification few days back. The original Samsung Galaxy Watch was unveiled back in summer of 2018. It was one of the front runners of Smart Watch market with all its high end features like fitness metrics of a wide range, LTE connectivity, Water resistance and GPS connectivity. However, it wasn’t that big of a surprise because everyone expected Samsung to come up with a product like that in an already crammed market. Few months later, in February of 2019, Samsung introduced a version of this smart watch with sportier look called Galaxy Watch Active. It was accompanied by two smart fitness bands as well, Galaxy Fit-e and Galaxy Fit. Surprisingly, the successor of Galaxy Watch Active was unveiled few months later in the same.

Rumours about Galaxy Watch 2 started to surface last year. These rumours reported about the smart watches with SM-R820, SM-R830, SM-R825 and SM-R835 monikers. First two of these were WiFi and Bluetooth only variants while the next two had LTE Connectivity as well. These smartwatches were just revealed to be Galaxy Watch Active 2 eventually.

Now new rumours are surfacing over smartwatches with model numbers SM-R840 and SM-R845 with one of these numbers probably representing a LTE variant of this smartwatch. There are reports about SM-850 and SM-855 variants as well which will most likely be the size variants of the smartwatch. It is yet to be seen whether Samsung will change the size from its previous version or stay loyal to its 40mm and 44mm size options.

As mentioned earlier, this smartwatch got certified by regulatory authorities in China according to various reports. This indicates that these smartwatches will be unveiled publicly very soon.

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