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Unleash Your Game On The Tennis Court With The “Smart Dampener”

The Smart Rackets that make the life of the tennis player easier than ever are not new and have been on the sports scene for a long time. These racquets not only allow you to analyze and track the stroke but permit you to see your game from a new level. Courtmatic’s Smart Dampener is also one of them!

The Smart Dampener attaches to the racquet of the player and analyzes the tennis game and provides them with instant feedback on all the aspects. It is capable of measuring the fitness of the player including their calories, steps taken, and the distance covered on the court etc. Apart from the usual activity tracking, the device also measures your cadence and footwork. It tracks how your position and footing on the court is and how well you position yourself for the shots.

Unleash Your Game On The Court With The "Smart Dampener"

Apart from tracking what you are doing and how well you are doing, Smart Dampener also provides the users with the full analysis of their strokes, ground strokes, serves, and volleys. Additionally, getting the sensors out of the handle and onto the strings lets the smart dampener monitor string tension and advise when it’s time to adjust or replace strings.

The Smart Dampener pairs with a personal coaching application which gives statistical feedback to the users about their shots and suggests those different solutions through which they can up their tennis game.

The Smart Dampenerb is made of silicon and has an upper coating of magnesium. The device has a price of $99 and can be ordered from here.

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