Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Ultrasona: Ultrasonic Waves Make Cleaning Easy

A handheld device which goes by the name Ultrasona has made cleaning an easy one minute task. This little devices uses Ultrasonic Waves to remove 99.9% bacteria, germs, dirt and more.

One can not be careful enough these days when cleanliness is in question. Ultrasona is here to change your ways and how you clean. It is basically a handheld washing machine with ultrasonic technology and on top of that, it can be kept inside your pocket.

The device works by transmitting fifty thousand waves of sound per second in water. This process creates microscopic bubbles which remove dirt, stains and gems. This kind of technology is already being used in factories and hospitals for very long now so it has stood all the tests of time and safety precautions as well. The phenomenon on which it works on is known as calledultrasonic cavitation.

The use of this device is really simple. All you need to do is filling water into a container and placing the object you are trying to clean inside it. This object can be anything from jewellery to clothes and even eatables. Place ultrasona inside water and plug it in. Add the washing soap if you would like to or just set the time and tap the start button. The object is cleaned on microscopic stages which cannot be detected by naked eyes.

Its insignificant weight and small size makes it a very useful gadget for campers to keep. Not only campers, but business travellers and backpackers can also make use of this technology as well. A sink and a source of electricity is all that is needed to run this thing and get it to work. Ultrasona is eco-friendly as well as it uses 15 times less energy and 40 times less water as compared to a standard washing machine.

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