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Ubivade: Vibrating Navigation Belt, Your Route On The GO!


Marco Zagaria is bringing you the most developed navigation product of the decade. Ubivade is a vibro-tactile navigation belt that transmits information to the user by means of sixteen vibrating motors.

Ubivade is a wearable device that can be used on any known means of transport. Its app lets you choose between on foot, by bus, bicycle, motorcycle and car setting. The guide signals are automatically adjusted changing the vibration intensity and the indication distance before turns.

Ubivade; Vibrating Navigation Belt, Your Route On The GO!

The device uses GPS technology for the processing of your route, after that belt starts to send signals directly into your brain. With help of the 16 vibration motors the gadget sends signals to user’s body and tells the user where to go without distracting visual or audio cues. This gives tactile feedback, which is easily decrypted by the brain.

After a short period of training, this mechanism goes into automatic mode. Your body and brain will react automatically. It all goes to make for a more pleasurable travel experience.

Ubivade finds the quickest and safest route to make your trip a stress-free experience. Enter your destination and means of transport on the Smartphone app, tuck it safely into your pocket and just let Ubivade do the rest. Ubivade connects with the app via Bluetooth. Thanks to turn-by-turn navigation signals, as mentioned, the device takes you to your destination by means of vibro-tactile signals.

Ubivade; Vibrating Navigation Belt, Your Route On The GO!

Ubivade is manufactured by leading Italian masters. For the belt, you can chose from three colors – black, brown or blue. Device can be in two colors – metallized or matte black. The wearable is unisex and will be offered in a variety of styles to match both casual and formal outfits. Each belt is made individually and you can chose both colour and size.

Finally, if you want Ubivade to make you forget your distance and route worries, back it on kickstarter now. The wearable is currently chasing for €50,000 with 19 days to go. Pledge €190 and get one classic belt.