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U-GYM Is A Wearable Muscle Stimulator for Pro Sports

Are you a fitness nerd? Is gyming the mantra of your life? Or, are you a sports professional trying hard to maintain your healthy and sporty lifestyle? Well, gyming and heavy exercises are tiresome even for professional athletes and sports personals. This is why U-Gym has jumped to be your very own first “Smart Mobile Health Enhancer.”

U-GYM: Wearable Muscle Stimulator for Pro Sports

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U-Gym is a simple yet smart and advanced professional muscle stimulator. The latest technology is embedded with professional and medical grade tools to provide athletes and all with relaxation. There is also a connected Smartphone U-Gym APP. You can freely choose your own preferred stimulation programs and manage your usage data and health progress quite conveniently. The embedded Gyro and G-sensor can capture your activities and sync them to with the Smartphone to show the level of calories consumption.

You can use U-Gym anywhere around your body for stimulation and relaxation, after a strenuous day at work or after heavy exercise. U-Gym can also be used to increase your workout intensity or burn more calories. You can use it whatever you want or whenever you want. With its neat and simple design, U-Gym uses various LED flashing patterns to indicate battery level, stimulation mode, and power intensity.

U-GYM: Wearable Muscle Stimulator for Pro Sports
Key Specifications Of U-Gym

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U-Gym can operate in a wide range of frequencies and multiple waveforms concurrently. U-Gym uses electric current to stimulate the nerves, causing muscles to contract and induce the effect of passive workout accordingly, which can, in turn, help improve blood circulation and manage weight by consuming calories more efficiently.

The pre-orders are up for the U-Gym and first shipments for the crowd-funders have already dispatched.



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