Equestrian Sports are sports that uses horse as a main part of the sport. Some of these games include polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo. Whether you are an amateur rider, a professional competitor, a trainer or a boarding facility owner, the health of the horse plays an important role. Two sports technology company have recently launched equestrian wearables to help you keep a check on the horse health.


SeeHorse is first such equestrian wearable and there are five main features of it.

  • Temperature Check: The wearable when worn by the horse will constantly measure the temperature using the horse radiant heat. This will give first signs of illness and instability.

  • Heart Rate: The SeeHorse uses IR to scan the horse heart rate. Not only it is wireless but it less intrusive and does not include positive and negative leads or ECG.

  • Respiratory Rate: When the wearable is placed on horse ribcage, it measures the rise and fall of the ribcage and updates the respiratory rate number every minute.

  • Alarm: The wearable constantly monitors the heart  rate, respiratory rate and temperature. It alerts through an app if the values exceed or decreases a certain amount. It also notifies the owner if the horse goes outside the radius of its stall.

  • Activity Tracker and Movements: Beyond the first level of metrics, SeeHorse also captures steps and calories. Using the app, the owner can see in real time the movement and position of the horse. The app also builds the history of these movements and visualize it to build a better relationship between the horse and its owner.

The product is waterproof, comes with wireless chargers and can even hook up with social media for sharing your horse data! It comes in three colours (black, green or blue) and is priced at $499.00. For further $10 a month, a cloud storage facility is included which connects your horse to a global network for health analysis.