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Twinkl Is The High-end Wearable For The Modern Teens

Friendship bracelets might seem like a thing of past, but with wearables rushing our way they have become an invigorated reality. Twinkl has come up with the idea to become a talk teleporter with your friends. It may sound bizarre, but Twinkl is a new smart friendship bracelet for teens.

Twinkl Is The High-end Wearable For The Modern Teens

Twinkl comes with five different charms and carries five different slots for telling others what you are thinking. Each slot can be allotted to a family member or a friend for the communication purposes. In order to strike a conversation or to let them know that you are thinking about them, just push on the specific charm and the friend’s wrist will buzz in correspondence.

The device has a battery life of a day or so, for a normal use depending upon the number of friends. Twinkl can easily be connected with the Smartphone. Aimed at the teens of 13-16, the band is priced at $60 while the charms can be separately bought for few extra dollars. It is currently up for grabs in Denmark.

Twinkl Is The High-end Wearable For The Modern Teens

Apart from connecting you with friends, Twinkl has also partnered with Danish YouTubers whose charms would soon be available for purchase. In return for that, the YouTubers would be creating original content for the Twinkl app. If you are one of those who will buy their charm, you wrist will buzz as soon as they will upload something on the app.


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