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TuringSense and A+Labs geared for tennis wearable, PIVOT

TuringSense and A+Labs geared for tennis wearable, PIVOT

TuringSense, a famous sports technology startup, and A+Labs, a smart device incubator, recently announced their partnership regarding the design and production of the first batch of PIVOT. PIVOT is considered as the most advanced and developed tennis wearable till date.

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The agreement states that incubator, A+Labs will provide TuringSense with a complete production and manufacturing package which also includes hardware and basic industrial designing. TuringSense’ has designed a technology which is a quantum leap in wearable industry. The new wearable has multi-dimensional sensors with high-tech analysis and high-speed motion capture.

TuringSense and A+Labs geared for tennis wearable, PIVOT

PIVOT is said to be opening a new door towards the technological revolution. It will change the way tennis is practiced, played and coached. The new training methods will help athletes to improve their techniques with minimal chances of injuries. The Pivot works on three basic rules;

  1. Firstly, it captures all your moves and swings as soon as you perform them.
  2. After you performance, it provides an instant feedback and complete commentary on your movements.
  3. With the help of your perfect 3D model, it understands and compares your performance and results.                                                                                                                     TuringSense and A+Labs geared for tennis wearable, PIVOT

The CEO of TuringSense, Dr. Limin He, said regarding his partnership with A+Labs that it will be beneficial in providing a unique and new approach towards variety of services. He also said that with the lineup of services in a single brand, market sector becomes strong for the product. The new partnership is aimed to provide better results with low cost and low-risk potential.

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The founder of A+Labs, Dr. Huijun Qiao, said that the opportunities in the market for a company like TuringSense are unlimited. The company wants to make this partnership fruitful with providing smart hardware, start-ups the state-of-the-art equipment, and capabilities required to scale emerging technologies from design to production.

TuringSense and A+Labs geared for tennis wearable, PIVOT

TuringSense in its crowdfunding campaign along with the partner Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri, on Indiegogo revealed that;

Tennis, throughout its centuries-old history, hasn’t fully harnessed the power of technology to elevate playing and training — until now! TuringSense created PIVOT to fill this gap. It’s the world’s first wearable for tennis with innovative multi-sensor, full body motion analysis that helps you master complex movements, avoid injuries and conquer the competition.

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The company also said that the unique techniques by the coach have also been implemented into PIVOT. The techniques of the famous coach along with the accurate prediction and analysis of the wearable will provide Tennis with more potential and power.

CCTV USA recently reported how PIVOT is helping one of the top ten teen players in America, Rachel Edson stay on top of her game.

PIVOT has currently raised $146,717USD which is 196% of $75,000 flexible goal with total 674 backers and still 30 days left. So, if you are a tennis player and are intrigued by this product, go back it now.

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