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Tune Might Help Athletes In Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 is around the corner. All the tech companies and the sports world are freaked out with the upcoming event. All the forces are geared up to make this year a special one for their team. We have already told you that wearable tech will be dominating Rio this year. The wearables will be helping elite athletes around the world to help train and play effectively.

Tune Might Help Athletes In Rio Olympics 2016

Tune, a wearable for those who run, has also geared up for Rio Olympics 2016. The wearable by Portugal startup  Kinematix is basically a pair of insoles with electronic sensors. The sensors will analyze the running form of the users. The tune is working hard to make its mark on the Olympic athletes.

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The tune will help the runners know the symmetry between their left and right foot. As soon as it gathers the data, it delivers the result through the Smartphone app. All the data like the ground contact time of the foot as well as the heel force etc is synchronized with Bluetooth. There are some docking stations around the insoles which transfer the mentioned data.

After the workout or the run, the app will provide the users with complete statistics. It will show them the complete profile of their strength and weaknesses and tell the users where they are lacking and how to improve their running and so on. The users can also get their personalized exercise programs in the form of videos to see and imitate the kind of training they should do.

Tune Might Help Athletes In Rio Olympics 2016

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The tune has 10 hours of battery life along with the capacity to charge sensors together. The app is compatible with Android and iOS both.

The tune has already been tested by former triathlete Vanessa Fernandes. Fernandes won a silver medal at the 2008 games in Beijing. The wearable has also been used by American long distance runner Ryan Vail who missed out on the Olympic trials for Rio 2016 due to an injury.

The tune is now up for pre-order from the Kinematix website for €200. But, for right now we may plan to see it in the Rio Olympics 2016. The hyped wearable will join the race of many other wearables which are ready to rock Rio Olympics 2016.

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