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TritonWear Yearns To Make Swimming Better Than Ever

TritonWear is another swimming wearable which has made its motive to make athletics and swimming better than ever. The technology promises to help swimmers better coach and understand various techniques.

TritonWear is a unique wearable that has the ability to track 15 important metrics of swimmers. After collecting the important biometrics and data, the tracker automatically sends them to the coach’s connected tablet.

TritonWear Yearns To Make Swimming Better Than Ever

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A small tracking unit is hooked into the back of the swimmer which calculated all important factors such as DPS, Splits, stroke rate, breath count, time underwater, and turn time. The data is then sent to the coach within no time. TritonWear is easy-to-use and takes no time for the feedback. The device can be used by coaches who are training dozens of players at the same time. You will be getting the swimming workout data for everyone simultaneously on your tablet.

Coaches of these teams are saying they spend 25-30% more time focusing on technique during practice instead of staring at their watches. Mississauga Swimming in Candaa is using the TritonWear long-term tracking functionality to comparing sets over time to make their swimmers faster and more consistent. Here is Kevin Anderson, their head coach has to say about this wearable:

Tracking workout performance over time ensures swimmers stay on track to hit their goals. No time of the coach would be wasted calculating metric etc. This way, each coach will be able to give individual attention to ever athlete. The swimmers can now their weaknesses manage their goals and improve swiftly.

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The TritonWear system has been designed to minimize the number of units a team needs to effectively track their athletes. Each Triton unit can be used on multiple swimmers but each swimmer needs their own user profile to use the system.

With TritonWear, for the first time I can say that a wearable is claiming right. I, too, can imagine the TritonWear user’s fulfilling their dreams of becoming Olympic athletes, soon! TritonWear is available for order for $299 per unit.

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