While the Traverse is still in a conceptual phase, the designers of this gadget have placed high confidence in its success. “Currently, many wearable gear items can check and manage training conditions,” said one of the designers, referring to smart wearables that can track speed, heart rate, and calories burned, “Still, there are many inconveniences wearing them.”

Fitness DroneAccording to researchers, using drone technology can be particularly helpful to runners and other exercisers who are visually impaired or blind. This Traverse drone, in particular, has its applications not only in flat racing or running, but also in other sports and fitness training institutes.

As far as sports are concerned, drones are already being put to use by a number of European soccer teams. The data collected can help to study tactics and ball movement during practices and live games. Similarly, drone recordings can help analyze posture and physical movement while performing climbing stunts, water skiing, or snowboarding.

At the moment, scientists and researchers are facing several technological limitations and regulations in the usage of drones. Noise reduction and improved battery life are the two features that need to be worked upon. Especially that the battery life of a drone is not long enough to cover a sports event completely.

Traverse Fitness Drones will definitely change the way fitness training is being done. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this gadget and even better ones to come from tech giants across the globe.


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