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Transform Your Bed Into A SMART BED With Beautyrest

There’s so much hustle in life these days that it becomes essential to increase the quality of whatever few hours of sleep a person gets. Sleep is important to revitalize your mind and body for the next day, it enhances your metabolism, repairs and heals up any damaged vessels muscles etc.

Sleep tracking gadgets have been in the market for quite a few years now. But like all other activity trackers, the question is which one to choose?

We have recently witnessed the introduction of an unparalleled sleep tracker that is off the beaten track – The Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor to optimize daily sleep performance.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker isn’t actually a wearable. It is an innovative and unprecedented technology. Its standing out feature is that it slips under your mattress to make every sleeping mattress a SMART BED. Yes! Smart beds are finally here for you.

If your mind is raising the question of the device mixing up your sleep pattern with your partner’s sleeping pattern then hold on because Beautyrest has the answer to that too!

The device can track sleep of two sleepers at a time! With these two exceptional features, along with being non-invasive, the device stands unrivaled in the industry.

According to Jim Gallman, Executive Vice President of Beautyrest Marketing, “As one of the most trusted and recognizable bedding brands nationwide, we are proud to embrace the smart home movement with technology that provides a deeper understanding of how we sleep. The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor allows consumers to optimize their sleep habits and make improvements that can have dramatic implications for their overall quality of life.”

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The developers flaunt the sensors of their gadget to be more than 90% accurate in measuring the heart rate, breathing rate and movement of the sound sleepers; which is amazing in our opinion. It is integrated to invigilate nighttime activity in all stages of sleep –light, deep, and REM sleep. The Sleep Cycle Alarm can detect the light stage of sleep to wake up the sleeper at the ideal time in the sleep cycle.

It has an accompanying iOS and Android smartphone app. Its Al Sleep Coach monitors sleep improvements and translates the sleep stats into smart, accurate and actionable advice to help users experience more restful and rejuvenating sleep. Its gives effective personalized sleep tips based on the comprehensive analysis of individual sleep patterns and external factors that affect sleep quality.

The device is available on Amazon for $199.99.

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