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TrainingPeaks And Polar Tracker Peak Into The Training Of Endurance Athletes

Merging wearables with famous fitness and sports application is the trend of the wearable world today. Mio Global, FieldWiz, and PEAR Sports are the testaments of such partnerships. This time, Polar which is quite the name in the fitness tracking world has managed to perk some relations with TrainingPeaks and has integrated the apps software in its world.

TrainingPeaks And Polar Tracker Peak Into The Training Of Endurance Athletes

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It is good news for those who have a TrainingPeaks account. The users will now be able to sync their data directly into their Polar tracker. This way, the users will be able to see their training sessions and how much efforts they need to put in order to reach their goals. Polar already has its own software and is quite effective but TrainingPeaks gives the users a detailed account of their training and workouts.

TrainingPeaks is different from the other software because it allows the users to train for endurance events. The app assesses your goal and then gives users the feedback on how to best achieve the goal. TrainingPeaks also connects you with your personal coaches regardless of the events involved. You can use the app paired with Polar for running, cycling and triathlons etc. The presence of Polar will make it easy for you to get the data all on your wrist without the need of having any additional wearable.

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TrainingPeaks And Polar Tracker Peak Into The Training Of Endurance Athletes

Marco Suvilaakso, global product director at Polar, stated;

“Using Polar Flow, athletes can plan, gain insight into, and receive feedback on their training. Integrating with TrainingPeaks allows us to extend these services even further by offering yet another opportunity for athletes to use their training data to improve performance and meet their goals.”

In order to use Polar Fitness Tracker with TrainingPeaks, log in to Polar Flow Account. Go to settings and click on TrainingPeaks link on your account. Log in to the account and authorize the connection between the device and the app. Now, Polar will automatically sync all the data with app’s account. This is absolutely amazing and you can now enjoy the amalgamation of fitness, sports, training and workouts all with the help of a wearable and an app.

Polar and TrainingPeaks integration is compatible with the M450 and V650 cycling computers, the V800 sports watch, and the M400 GPS running watch.

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