Trainerbot : Smart Table Tennis Robot


Nothing is more fun than playing ping pong with friends, Obviously!! But when it comes to practice, you need someone to serve you the same shot every time. Trainerbot is the world’s first smart ping pong robot that can teach you how to play. You can program specific shots, hone your skills and simulate games via an all-in-one app.

With Trainerbot, you can program any kind of game or sequence of shots so you can have fun and improve. Ever wonder how the athlete on TV missed that shot? Just program that famous match and try it for yourself. It’s the ultimate practice drill! The device is totally customizable. You can adjust the difficulty up or down so games keep you on your toes.

Trainerbot: Smart Table Tennis Robot

Trainerbot shoots balls accurately to any part of the table. It accommodates any type of shot you want to work on – be they lobs, short shots, or smashes. With the bot’s multi-player mode, you can also play with friends at different levels by programming varied sequences of shots. You can program your opponent’s trick shots and secretly practice at home too. This means that Trainerbot can be your secret shot towards winning the games when you were a total loser before.

Trainerbot is your ultimate chance towards honing and nourishing your ping-pong skills. With robotic science combined with the loveliest of games, ping-pong is definitely going to the other level with this device.

Trainerbot: Smart Table Tennis Robot
How Does It Work?!

Trainerbot is currently up on Kickstarter and has managed to grab 505 backers crossing its $80,000 goal and fulfilling $187,068 with still 9 days to go. You can also order the device from here