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Trace -An Action Sports Tracker For Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing And So On..


Trace is a wearable tracker with multi-dimensions and multiple purposes. The tracker is meant for the surfers, snowboarders, skiing, swimmers and skaters. All in all, the tracker is meant for water and snow sports.

Trace is simply a monitoring device for those who are involved in intense action sports. The device allows the users to follow the data on every twist and turn. Whenever the users flip, wave, land, turn, all the data is sent to them in a real-time with the help of a connected app. The wearers can also compare their ranking and results with the other users of Trace.

The Trace sensor attaches to the bottom of a skateboard, on a helmet or on the top of a surfboard. It is two inch in diameter and after being mounted it captures all the data when you are in motion with the help of GPS and inertial sensors. Apart from these, there are 9-axis sensors for advanced data monitoring, advanced multi-Hz GPS, BT 4.0, when paired with it’s own processor.

Trace is a small sensor that attaches directly to your board and tracks your activity while riding with incredible accuracy. The free app syncs with Trace through Bluetooth and gives you an instant summary and in-depth analysis of your session. Relive those epic moments with GPS maps, a number of runs, waves, or passes, top speed, calories burned, turns, jumps, airtime, and much more.

Take video with GoPro or another camera? Trace automatically edits your entire day of footage to just the action — no editing required. The trace will also give you a complete picture of your flips along with the complete analysis on your performance.

Trace is shockproof, waterproof and durable. Its battery charges over USB — each charge lasts up to seven hours. Although the device was launched in 2014, it is still beneficial for all those who are involved in the multi-sports which are the expertise of the device. The wearable is available for $ 199.99 USD and a be ordered from here


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