Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Tornuffalo gives you, your Virtual Reality Workout goals!

Tornuffalo is a virtual reality experience in which complete body movements are tracked in real time. This will inspire many people to involved in virtual reality exercises with fitness oriented games that prove to be physically stimulating and well as entertaining. Tornuffalo might sound a bit weird but it is actually an ‘active, roomscale-only VR experience’. It has set an example of what body virtual reality gaming will be like in near future.

Tornuffalo basically uses HTC Vive trackers for a full body action mode which tracks the movements of almost  each and every position of the human body, in order to make a highly responsive and realistic virtual reality experience.

VR enthusiasts are drooling over the responsiveness and accuracy of Tornuffalo gameplay. In this virtual reality game, the player dodges debris flying in their direction, these debris could also include occasional buffalo, for the sake of company’s name. Objects are hurled towards the player in a virtual setting, like in midst of a tornado. The player also has to smash crystals to rack up points while dodging those flying objects. It seems simple but it requires great deal of energy.

Moreover, the tech functions with various HTC Vive trackers, some of them are placed along the waist and feet. These tracking points make the player’s body movement which is way to o important for success in the game. Its not just the arms, head or hands, each portion of body play an important role in successful kicking or dodging.

Full body motion capture technology in VR fitness games of all varieties as we hurtle into a high-tech future to come. Possibilities for this highly advanced technology, Tornuffalo, are endless. Accurate tracking of body movements in real time just might prove enough to inspire people to exercise and stay healthy. Hopefully this technology will be implemented in school gym programs, arcades and fitness facilities.

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