Topshop Launches Top Pitch Program For Wearable Tech Startups And Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur striving to make your impact on the wearable tech? Top Pitch has a solution for all the wearable entrepreneurs and startups. Top Pitch by Topshop is giving the future fashion tech experts a chance to take part in the pitch of their lifetime.

Top Pitch is giving all the start-ups and entrepreneurs an open invitation to apply for a ‘bootcamp’ program created by Topshop and investment partner L Marks, with intensive coaching on how to bring your product to market and the chance to pitch to Topshop and Sir Philip Green.

Wearable tech has been on the brink of commercial success for the past few years, but products have yet to be picked up by the high street. Top Pitch challenges wearable tech entrepreneurs to present a product that is stylish, functional and in-demand with the Topshop customer, at a price that’s accessible.

What Exactly Topshop Participants Will Have To Do?

Topshop Launches Top Pitch Program For Wearable Tech Startups And Entrepreneurs
Topshop is seeking for Wearable Fashion Startups

The fashion giant promises to provide participants with the best pitch experience ever. In order to provide teams with the best pitch experience ever, each start-up will be invited to join an intensive Top Pitch Bootcamp.

There would be four different one-week sprints in the Bootcamp. It will provide unprecedented access to Topshop through keynote presentations, talks and guidance from a group of expert mentors. Teams will also have access to workshops on everything from growing your business to hardware development, plus desk space in the Top Pitch hub in Central London.

Topshop is looking for start-ups and pre-retail entrepreneurs from around the world. In order to qualify for the Bootcamp, you need to be a good fit with the good idea of the product on your hand. If you think you are suitable for this experience or you concept is ready or in the prototype phase, you are free to apply here. All the startups have a chance to apply till 22nd May.