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Top Wearable Innovators of 2018

In the evening of 30th January, in the beautiful city of Munich, a stellar event took place. the 12th Annual Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE. Out of 940 entries,the most innovative companies were awarded. 28 tech entrepreneurs, originating from all over the world, presented their innovative and groundbreaking products at the pitch and award ceremony of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup ®

From AI glasses that can help the visually impaired to fashion head gears that can capture brain data, the innovations were all astounding. Each product presented offered a tech solution to real day to day problems that we face. Each competitor brought their own set of vitality and innovation to the stage. The finalists exhibited astonishing advancement happening today in the business. But only 7 WT innovators of the year made the final cut in the following categories; ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Sports & Fitness’, ‘Healthcare’, and ‘Industrial’, as well as in the EBV IoT Hero Special Prize, the Geeny Connected Living Challenge and the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge.

Following are the winners of WT Innovation World Cup 2018:

WT Innovator of the Year, “Lifestyle” – SimyLife Gamifaction with SimyBall (Austria)

Simyball is a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in ball form which help you understand your body better. It is a little ball that helps measure your stress levels using sensors. it uses color system to display how relaxed or stressed you are. For further details visit

WT Innovator of the Year, “Sports & Fitness” – Tracktics with their TRACKTICS device (Germany)

Tracktics is a football performance device which allows players to measure their athletics performance pitch. It provides specific data of the football players example activity, distance and speed. For further details:

WT Innovator of the Year, “Healthcare” –  Ayata Intelligence with ViShruti™ (India)

ViShruti is a smart eyewear with assistive artificial intelligence for the visually impaired. It provides a detailed undertanding of the environment that can assist them in navigating independently. For further details:

WT Innovator of the Year, “Industrial” – Intellinium with IO – 4.0 safety shoes (France)

Intellinum offers smart safety shoes that allow workers to send and receive messages and alerts without using his hand and without a smart phone.For further details:

Winner of the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge is CardioID Technologies for CISM (Portugal)

Cardio ID invented a technology that can receive signals non invasively. It allows for heartrate monitoring, emotional assessment and fatigue detection. For further details:

The EBV Elektronik’s IOT HERO 2018 – Luke Roberts with their Smart Lamp (Austria)

Luke Roberts has designed a smart lamp that aloows light to move in any direction you want without moving the lamp. You can adjust light with just a flick of hand on your phone. For further details:

Winner of the Geeny Connected Living Challenge by Geeny – Neurotech Fashion Project from Joanna Hir & MuArts (Poland)

MuArts, a brain-computer-interface company collaborated with designer Joanna Hir to come up with a product that links braintech with fashion design. The accessories which include a head piece and earrings, use EEG technology to collect data which interprets mental state in real time. This can help reduce anxiety, depression and can help increase focus. For further details: ,

Congratulations to all wearable winners! The winning teams will now be included in the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup®`s Hall of Fame.



Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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