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TomTom To Strengthen Its Sports Wearable Business


TomTom is a famed name in sports world due to the contributions, services and the devices it has offered. The sports tech company has unveiled its new campaign in order to attract the users towards its sports wearable business- TomTom Sports.

The purpose behind this campaign is to empower its customer business through the company’s sports wearables. The new campaign has been inspired by the idea of wearables “get going”.

The mastermind behind the campaign is Amsterdam-based Pool Worldwide agency, and the campaign has been spanned in all the mass mediums. VP of marketing at TomTom Sports, Patrick Stal, stated;

“This campaign marks a milestone for our brand. It showcases a TomTom Sports brand that caters to the needs of audiences ranging from those that are taking their first step down the road to those that are stepping over the starting line of their first marathon. We are claiming a unique space in the world of sports. TomTom Sports is not here to shout at you to beat the impossible, be unstoppable, go harder, tougher, longer, deeper, rougher or sweatier. Let other sports brands do that.
 “We were the first to add an optical heart-rate monitor to a GPS Sports Watch with TomTom Cardio,” Stal further stated..

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