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Tinder for Gym Fanatics


What is your reason for working out this dedicatedly? Do you find solace and is gym your sanctuary? Or do you seek motivation from people doing better than you at gym? Or is it that you’re looking for a gym companion or may be a life companion who’s equally crazy about working out like you?

Well, we do have a solution for you in case you’re looking for life companion (oops, we mean gym companion).  What you ultimately need is the new smartphone app called “Gymder.”

Not only the name rhymes with Tinder, Gymder has a somewhat similar purpose too. Gymder, a Germany-developed app, finds you people who are passionate about gym, body building and working out and connects you to them.

All you have to do is download the app, create your profile, and then the app will show you other Gymder users nearby. It connects you to workout buddies at nearby gyms, share workout and healthy diet tips and find people sharing your enthusiasm for healthy living.

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According to the press release of Gymder, as relayed by Mashable, “GYMDER is a Munich-based company with focus on social fitness. Its flagship product is a free location based discovery app that uniquely connects people in a fitness context. Thereby users can find each other and train together anytime and anywhere. The GYMDER team includes fitness lovers that have found motivation in each other and celebrated success together. Besides, the team includes experienced and passionate counterparts that have a joint vision and strongly believe that GYMDER will transform fitness.”

Though the reviews are mixed, some are considering it a “notorious hook-up” or “another dating app” and others are excited to find new people with similar interests, the officials at Gymder have made it clear that their app is a “platform for fitness.”

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