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Timex IQ+ Move Is A Dapper Looking Analog Watch Packed With Fitness Features

Timex IQ+ Move Is A Dapper Looking Analog Packed With Fitness Features

Timex, apart from the traditional watchmaking, has used its creative geniuses to compete with the ever-growing wearable industry. Once again, it has introduced a new fitness analog watch for all the keeping-fit geeks. Timex IQ+ Move is an answer to all the traditional watch and fitness tracker owners.

The IQ+ Move is basically a smart analog watch which comes along with the features like sleep metrics, steps tracking, distance measurement while running or walking, and the number of calories burned etc. The best part about this fitness analog watch is that all the data is tracked without any hassle of charging additional battery, as it runs of the sole principle of the standard watch.

The users won’t be able to get a look of their calls, messages, or other important notifications but IQ+ Move allows them to have a peek of some data every now and then. With the help of backlight functionality in the form of Timex’s Indiglo, the users will be able to see their watch even in poorly lit environment.

IQ+ Move is water-resistant up to 50 meters, however, the leather band is not water proved but can be swapped from the company’s other waterproof band versions.

Timex IQ+ Move comes in two different versions: one is a woman’s models that has a 37mm case with 18mm band, and the other one is men’s model with 41mm case and 18mm bands. The men’s model has two separate versions; traditional-looking analog watch and a sportier version.

The analog fitness watch is up for $150 at Timex’s website and Best Buy.

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